Nima (aka Silky Stash) has a particular interest in the history of fashion, he is drawn towards vintage designers that were both disrupting and ground breaking in their time. Studying fashion has taught Nima how crucial culture means and having a Persian background, he embodies fashion through a different approach. Nima being Canadian born always wanted to fit in, to him ‘fitting in’ meant to repress his culture and heritage. Of late, this is something that he has manifested in his style, making him disruptive. He is fascinated by life before today and it’s glamour. Some things like style and taste can never be taught but learning to love yourself is a hard obstacle to face and maybe even impractical. Martin (Trop Bleu) is a freelance stylist & archive fashion collector. Rebellion, escapism & the unknown power his imagination. He celebrates nonconformity and doesn’t confine himself to any labels.

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