Claire Gray grew up in Vancouver, which was not at all visually inspiring to her. It was the pain, neurosis, & experience that she gathered on the coast which eventually lead her into design & fashion. Now, Claire’s able to translate her emotions into clothing. Others may cite other designers, celebrities, artists, etc. as their style inspirations… However, she credits herself. Of course, Claire adores designers like Raf Simons & Kris Van Assche & authors like Georges Bataille & Anais Nin. But, she believes it’s the feelings, deep within one’s viscera that are the most bountiful for creation – the ecstasy a lover leaves behind, the blistering noise of the club, & the euphoric liberation in cutting your hair off, etc. etc. etc. Every day she feels a million things. Claire doesn’t create clothes & dress herself this way because she wants to, she must express herself constantly & publically, or else she’d go mad. Leather, PVC, & metal are all materials she adores because they’re tactile, they evoke a kind of sensitivity, or even pleasure in both the wearer & viewer. It’s a release. Like the colours red, black, white, & silver, she feels they have a physical human quality to them. Whether it be that red represents blood or white saliva, or black suffocation… It’s all natural, expressive styles. She doesn’t like to define her style within a set of words, but if she must, she’d say – “I dress honestly. Honestly & madly.”

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